Thank you for your interest in serving as a member of the Board of Directors of the San Geronimo Valley Affordable Housing Association! This page is intended to help you understand the skills and time/resource commitments of this leadership position.

Our vision is a culturally diverse and vibrant San Geronimo Valley community that retains its unique, rural and natural qualities while offering housing opportunities for people of all income levels and walks of life.

Our mission is to preserve, create, and manage affordable housing in the San Geronimo Valley and beyond.

The role of our Board of Directors include the following:

  • Determine SGVAHA’s mission, strategies, and priorities
  • Develop and monitor SGVAHA’s budget
  • Monitor program performance and impact
  • Oversee legal compliance
  • Provide proper financial and risk oversight
  • Select and evaluate the Executive Director
  • Approve fundraising strategy

General Expectations of Board members:

  • Be informed. Board members know and understand SGVAHA’s mission, values, structure, programs, strategies, and more.
  • Advocate. Represent SGVAHA in the community and act as spokesperson for the organization. Attend SGVAHA events and help recruit new Board members and supporters.
  • Fundraise. Participate in fundraising activities, including volunteering at events and identifying and cultivating new donors.
  • Contribute. Show your support for SGVAHA with your own regular contribution!

Board Participation:

  • Committees. Serve on at least one Board committee (Fundraising and Outreach, Financial Management, Project Development, Property Management, Board Development)
  • Attendance. Attend Board meetings, Board retreats and other supplementary Board activities.
  • Preparation and Participation. Prepare for Board and committee meetings, including reviewing agendas, draft minutes of previous meetings, background materials; ask questions and participate in discussions.
  • Communication. Cultivate a collegial working relationship with fellow Board members. Email. Reliably receive e-mail and other electronic communications from SGVAHA including notices of Board and committee meetings and advanced reading materials for those meetings.

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