Bringing it Home

We at SGVAHA have partnered with CLAM (Community Land Trust Association of West Marin) to bring the Real Community Rentals program to the San Geronimo Valley. Real Community Rentals works with local homeowners to help create affordable rental units on their property.

It’s a win-win!

+ Extra income for homeowners

+ Affordable homes for renters in our community

Benefits to Homeowners

+ Free feasibility visit from an architect to evaluate your best options for creating a rental unit

+ Zero-interest loans up to $35,000 with principal deferred for funds to create a second unit

+ Waived or reduced permit fees for certain repairs or improvements

+ Support with pre-screening tenant applications, rental agreement review, and periodic follow-up from RCR staff

+ Enhanced security deposit beyond what tenants can pay (up to $2,500)

+ Additional loss coverage for unforeseen short-term vacancy or damage beyond security deposit (up to $3,000) 

We’re ready to help.

Call us at (415) 488-4890

or email

The Real Community Rentals program was developed by CLAM (Community Land Trust Association of West Marin) with support from the County of Marin Community Development Agency. SGVAHA is collaborating with CLAM on the RCR program.

Please Donate!

If you’d like to help, we invite you to become a supporter of SGVAHA by making a tax deductible donation of any amount.